Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    7 Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
  1. Drink less.
  2. Avoid calorie-laden beverages like alcohol, eggnog, peppermint lattes, and hot chocolate. Permanently attach a bottle of water to your hand during the holiday season. One cocktail is fine. But keep in mind, alcohol usually makes you less attractive, less articulate, less responsible, and more likely to overeat. Cheers!
  3. Bake less.
  4. One of the sneakiest ways calories can creep up on us is via the mixing bowl! Avoid volunteering to bake your famous snickerdoodle cheesecake and you'll instantly cut down on unneeded stress and calories.
  5. Be fashionably late.
  6. This accomplishes two things. One, the less time you spend at the party, the less time you spend with a plate of cheese-stuffed mini-quiche while making uncomfortable small talk with the boss. Two, the more guests that are there before you, the less food that is available when you arrive.
  7. Throw away leftovers.
  8. I know your mother would gasp at such a wasteful suggestion. I'll let you in on a little secret: that half-eaten pumpkin pie is not exactly what the local food bank had in mind. Toss it and get over it. Your neighbor brings over a delicious plate of cookies. Take a nibble and toss the rest! She'll never know the difference, and your thighs will thank you.
  9. Amp up your workouts.
  10. Many Americans excuse themselves from healthy eating and regular workouts because "it's that time of year." Poor choice. Rather than skipping your workouts, intensify them. Holidays are when you really need the mood-enhancing, stress-busting effects of exercise more than ever. You deserve it, and you'll be more proficient because of it, so make time to do it!
  11. Enjoy a taste.
  12. Some do well by swearing off "forbidden" foods, but for many of us that notion only leads to bingeing or a feeling of deprivation. If that's the case, allow yourself the treat, just make it a small portion and account for it during your next cardio party!
  13. Scrap the "dieter's mentality."
  14. I forbid you to say these five little words ever again: "I'm starting my diet tomorrow." This mentality leads people to believe that healthy eating is all or nothing. Have a cookie or two, but catch yourself before you slip into the "Oh, I've blown it, so now I might as well have ten more!" way of thinking. That mentality is the root of all yo-yo dieting. Think of your eating as a way of life, not a diet. Enjoy the occasional treat, but do so in moderation.

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