Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-Workout Eating

Eating enough to sustain your workout—what to eat pre-workout—should depend upon the type of workout that you plan on doing: high, moderate, or low intensity; or cardio or resistance. Here are some guidelines for any moderate- to high-intensity workouts, whether they are cardio or resistance, because you will need some carbs in your system if you want to perform your best.

Three or four hours before exercising, a large meal is fine (600 calories or more).

Two or three hours beforehand, a smaller meal is suitable (400–500 calories).

One or two hours before, a liquid meal is appropriate (300–400 calories).

About an hour beforehand, a small snack will do (200–300 calories).

* Try not to eat during the last hour before you begin a workout because it promotes excessive use of blood sugar in the initial stages of your workout.

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