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P90X Reviews

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Customer Reviews for P90X ®
Tony Horton's 12 extreme workouts use the science of Muscle Confusion ™ to get you absolutely ripped in 90 days. Plus get Tony's Ab Ripper X and 3-Phase Nutrition Plan as FREE gifts to keep!
Average Customer Rating:

4.8 out of  5 (1,978 Reviews)
5 stars  1,695
4 stars  211
3 stars 31
2 stars 19
1 star 22
1,931 out of 1,978 (98%) customers would recommend this product.

Customer Reviews for P90X ®
Review 1 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
Great Workouts, but timeconsuming.
PostedOctober 1, 2010
SoccerNSoftware from Richmond, VA
The strength workouts are great. The ab workout is outstanding, however you will eventually want to add some variation with some of Tony Horton's other ab workouts (like 1 on 1). For people who are not in good shape, or who have only been doing cardio (which was my case) the workouts can be difficult to get through for a few weeks, and some moves will require modification for some time. I added 2 weeks to the beginning of the program, because that is how long it took me to start to be able to make it through the entire workout video. After 2 rounds I still have to modify the pull-ups by the end of the workout.
Tony makes it fun. If I had the money and lived in Cal, he'd be my personal trainer, without a doubt. I had already lost most of my excess weight before starting the program (45lbs) but P90X helped me add some muscle and get that lean-tone 'beachbody' look.
There are some complaints that this workout is nothing new, and nothing bodybuilders haven't been doing already. I can't disagree, as workout variation was something we did 15 years ago in high-school sport programs, however it is the first time I've seen a full at-home video workout program I can do with going to the gym. And having Tony push things along forces you to really move. I don't get as good a workout when I have to go to the gym without Tony moving things along as his quick pace with little down-time.
Cons: Its time-consuming. The videos are at minimum an hour, the yoga is a full 90 mins, though I have to say I love the yoga video. The P90X+ and 1 on 1 videos are a bit shorter, but can still take an hour with start-up and cool-down time. I have a wife and young child, and without the leeway I get to be a bit late in the morning to work I don't know how I'd be able to fit this program in to my schedule. Another pro and con is that its hard. Really hard. Some moves still can require modification even after 90 days, and the pace can make you light-headed. This is a good thing in my opinion, but for people with less will-power or drive, the difficulty can be a deal breaker I think, which is why I see some other people I know only last a week or two before they give up. Another con is the cardio. The Kenpo is boring to me and the kenpo and cardio barely make me break a sweat. Now I started P90X after I had trained a few months for a local 8k, so I was in pretty good condition, at least in terms of endurance. This may be the reason, but I've heard others make the same complaints. I switched those two programs for other various cardio instead, like running, interval running, or cycling. I try to keep a pace to wear me out within 20-25 mins. I also wish the core workout added more difficulty, its also a little boring.
Pros: yoga is great, results are quick, difficulty makes this a program that will last, variation keeps the workouts fun, tony horton is the best, ab ripper is no joke
Cons: 60-90 min videos can be hard to schedule, cardio and core workouts could use a boost, difficulty can scare off noobies

Review 2 for P90X ®

Overall rating 

5 / 5
great product
PostedFebruary 15, 2012
tanyas from brillion ,wi
My husband and I do P90X. When they say you hate it but you love it that is so true. The more you do it the more you love it. I love how Tony
always say to modify and to keep pushing play. It's made for real people
it's not high pressure. I love Tony because of his program I feel the best I have ever been. Now I want to train for a marathon. Thank you Tony. It 's not easy,your will hurt ,but it is so worth it.
Pros: Very effective

Review 3 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
bought for children
PostedFebruary 15, 2012
Bought for children,high school age
active and involved in sports quite high level
club level but on no represntitive teams
son has used P90x for 3 years now
just finished first season of scholarship college sports season
could never have achieved that level without P90x
he still uses it and loves it
Pros: Met expectations

Review 4 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
Not easy, but worth it!!!
PostedFebruary 15, 2012
LuigiESM from Los Angeles, CA
Uses accompanying nutrition program: Yes
I started P90X about a 6 weeks ago. The beginning was tough (thought I was going to pass out a few times the first week), but now that I have made it through a few weeks I feel amazing. Seeing differences in how I feel and how I look. It's not easy but if you work hard, you will DEFINITELY see results.
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, you feel awesome, you look awesome

Review 5 for P90X ®
Overall rating

4 / 5
Great start
PostedFebruary 12, 2012
collegegirl from Tacoma, WA
I'm on the 6th workout and it is fun. I don't have a lot of room in my place so in order to get full range of motion I have to face away from the tv often. When the music speeds up, I get faster and faster. It's awesome to hear everyone out of breath and sweating just as much as I am.
Additional Programs: Power 90, Hip-hop abs
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, water breaks, heart rate checks

Review 6 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
better than i thought
PostedFebruary 12, 2012
David from Fort Myers, FL
Started p90x four weeks ago...workouts were tough at first, but as tony your best and forget the rest...noticeable results in stamina, and with the exception of abs, improvement in reps and weights in all areas..plyo and core synergistics are fabulous!! lost 10 pounds the first four weeks, and i will admit i cheated a few times on the diet. following the diet plan was tough the first week, but after that the appetite was pretty well subsided to the point i almost had to force myself to eat the last 3oz of lean meat. the yoga dvd is my least favorite...just can't get the hang of it, so i'll substitute xstretch or cardio on that day. phase two starts tomorrow..can't wait. Thanks Tony!!!
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

Review 7 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

3 / 5
so far, not meeting expectations
PostedFebruary 9, 2012
Daniella from British Columbia
I've been on p90X for a month and a half. and I've lost 10 pounds but its no visible and I have no muscle showing. my belly's still flabby and my thighs still touch. I feel like this is all thats gunna happen for me and im starting to get really discouraged. ill continue working on it and post again.
Cons: Did not meet expectations

Review 8 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
this product is simple , and effective,
PostedFebruary 9, 2012
tich from ontario
this product p90x is awsome i have doubled the pull ups i can do and push ups , and works the entire body in usually 1 hour sessions , for cardio i do extra if enough energy left on the whole i enjoyed it , takes a while but you only get in what u put in
Additional Programs: have got insanity , and p90x plus too which looking fwd to later will defo buy p90x x2
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

Review 9 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
Best workout out there!!!
PostedFebruary 8, 2012
Jonny from Missouri
Simply the best workout available for anyone and everyone!!!!!!
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, got me into fitness and made working out fun

Review 10 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

1 / 5
Tony Horton is really annoying!!!!!!!
PostedFebruary 8, 2012
This guy is very annoying. He calls everyone boys and girls. Im a grown man!

Review 11 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
just starting
PostedFebruary 7, 2012
skillet from alabama
im 44 yrs old and 36.6% bmi and night shift worker, just started my second wk of p90x and already i can see big improvements, at starting point of 280lbs and down to 274lbs at end of wk 1, its not easy but boy is it worth it, cant wait to see the changes from the first end of phase to the end of the third, if i keep this up, beachbody might ask me to be in one of the informercials, my children will have an active dad again, you only have one life that god gave you,LIVE IT!!! thank you toney, love what your doing for me, dont like you sometimes but still thank you and god bless you and beachbody,,,
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, be active with your childrens lives

Review 12 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
Athlete's best friend!
PostedFebruary 7, 2012
angel-vanilla-bean from Broken Arrow, OK
My experience with p90x has been incredible!! There are so many workout programs out there that claim to be a "quick easy fix" to getting fit. Well the truth is, there IS NO magic pill that's going to make you get to your goal, and i love how p90x makes that very clear. They're not a magic pill, but it's an AMAZING tool if you stick with it. There's always about three different levels of the exercises shown, so whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned athlete, p90x is a WONDERFUL tool. My personal favorites are ab ripper, and plyometrics. I'm a volleyball player, i am involved in combat fighting sports, and a former gymnast, and p90x has been a great tool to help me be more proficient in all my athletics. DO IT!! It's incredible, and makes you feel great!
Additional Programs: none.
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, great for all levels of fitness, it's the real deal!

Review 13 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
This program is hard at first, but don't give up!
PostedFebruary 7, 2012
I absolutely love P90X!!!! When I first started, my goal was to get in better shape and tone my muscles. I never dreamed I'd get a 4-pack of abs, but I did! I'm not gonna lie, it's hard to stick to doing this everyday (I didn't) but I did it at least 4 times a week and got pretty good results! Especially since I didn't diet or follow an eating plan.
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

Review 14 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
Independent review
PostedFebruary 7, 2012
kl from Toronto, Ontario - Canada
I am not a beachbody coach and I have no monetary stake in this review. However, I would like to add my voice to the chorus.
This is a a great program with good variety and if you're exercising intensely for 1+ hours daily on ANY program you're going to get results. Combine it with a nutrition/diet change and you get some really amazing physical changes.
I like how Tony Horton guides you through the program. Although strenuous; there is good emphasis on avoiding injury.
As a male, I like this program more than insanity/turbofire as the weight based exercises will give me a better vanity result (chest/biceps/back).
With the variety and the rotations every 4 weeks; whether you accept that muscle confusion is the reason why this works or not; you will see results.
I have never been this fit before and although I am only done phase 1 (there are 3 phases); I have bulked up and lost 6% body weight (with strict dieting as well).
Exceeded my expectations.
Additional Programs: tried turbofire/insanity
Pros: Very effective

Review 15 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
I am 70 years old
PostedFebruary 7, 2012
Al V from Flippin, Arkansas
70. How did I get so old? And fat? And weak?
I like to workout with someone. As the years have passed I worked out less and less as i have no one to work out with and I decided I am just too dang old for an extreme workout. However, I am an avid walker and in pretty good cardio shape.
I find the P90X workout gangs, led by Tony, to be just what I need to get started every day. They are with me, encouraging me and doing it with me. It is like they are in the room with me. So I stay with them as well as I can, and by the time it is over, I have had a work out.
I just finished my first month and can do many things in the routines I simply could not do at the beginning. There are still some things I cannot do, but I am making progress. I am also dropping some weight. Man, Have I gotten heavy over the years...
Leader Tony is a real delight to workout with. He is an excellent trainer and motivator. He also has a great sense of humor. I really think he makes P90X what it is - fun to do. I am not sure why he refers to us as kids...
My wife took before pictures and measurements of me at the start. We'll see what results I have in 60 more days. I'll let you know...
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

Review 16 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
For a somewhat athletic person...
PostedFebruary 4, 2012
If you start this program somewhat fit, committed, driven, this is the ticket. I was tired of thinking, planning and having to constantly change things on my own to continue improving. All you have to do is commit and keep putting in the DVD's and you will get into the best shape of your life. I was just looking at before and after photos of myself and the results are astounding. From a 47 year old still competitive athlete who is arguably in the best condition ever, leaner, meaner, stronger, you should not wait to purchase this if you are still thinking about.
And if you purchase it, do it!
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, wow ripped!

Review 17 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
PostedJanuary 28, 2012
Future mean lean machine from Oakland, CA
When I saw the infomercial I said to my self " that does not work". I used that same excuse everytime so I could avoid buying p90x. I asked people about the program, and they said that I would not be able to do it. At that time after hearing people say I could not do it Felt very discouraged. I stayed discouraged for almost an entire year; until one day I noticed that even my size 38 pants were begenning to feel a bit tight. At that time I decided to buy p90x, and ignore the people that said I could not do it. I already completed week two of the program, and I already feel the changes. My size 38 jeans are actaully kind of loose now. I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks. There is no way that I will stop pressing play everyday. The very next day after completing the first workout my entire upper body, arms, and chest was sore. I was barely able to pick up my phone. The soreness did go away after a couple of days. There is no way that I will stop pressing play everyday. Anyone whos been told that they can't do it will never know until they try.
Pros: results show pretty quick
Cons: yoga is too advanced but i will get used to it.

Review 18 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
i see and feel a difference!
PostedJanuary 27, 2012
Jazzie from Cleveland
I'm not that consistent with it bt i try to work out at least 3x a week for a couple months now. More than anything i noticed Ive gained strength, stamina, and flexibility. I can run longer than i ever could before and I can fold my whole body it feels amazing to strecth. u literally feel ever muscle in your body improving!!!
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations
Cons: hard to be motivated at home

Review 19 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

4 / 5
So Far, So Good
PostedJanuary 25, 2012
Buster63 from Atlanta, GA
I am 48 years old and in the middle of my second week of P90X and I am doing the Lean workout. At this point of my life I am more concerned with dropping weight than looking like Ah-nold. So far so good. I was surprised that I can do about 80% of the workouts. I still can't do many pullups yet and the yoga moves are really tough - maybe the toughest workout of the set.
The workouts are challenging but Tony always reminds you to do what you can. It takes awhile to work up to EVERYTHING they do. I still can't do EVERYTHING but I'm getting stronger each day. And there's a lot of variety so you don't get bored easily.
The con I have is the chinup bar. You have to have a TALL door frame to get up off the floor and most chinup bars you buy only fit a 4-6 inch wide frame. Tough to get around.
Pros: Very effective
Cons: chin up bar troubles

Review 20 for P90X ®
Overall rating 

5 / 5
This product works.
PostedJanuary 25, 2012
MJ from Southen California
I am into my 3rd week of this workout program, and am already seeing great results. I thought I was in good shape before I began, but after the 1st day realized I was sorely mistaken. If you give 100% to every workout, even if you cannot finish every set, then this program will work. Tony has a great persona that comes through during the workout and really motivates me to keep going. Just remember to Bring It!
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

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