Friday, March 30, 2012

Shakeology Alternative

There are MANY alternatives to Shakeology!

Whey protein powder
Body by Vi Shakes
Slim Fast
    …. and the list goes on and on.  There are lots of “shakes” out there.  In one sense, you can call any of them an alternative.  But the question is, are these products a SUBSTITUTE for Shakeology?

    Ironically, these other products love nothing more than to be even considered in a “Shakeology vs. ___” debate, because that raises the perception of their product.  All debates end as soon as you get past the “meal substitute” generalizations and start looking at the INGREDIENTS.

    Why do you suppose that these other shakes try to pass themselves off as an alternative to Shakeology?  Because they all know that Shakeology is the most amazing product on the market.

    Beachbody also makes a meal replacement shake.  It is very comparable to these other meal replacement shakes, and sells for $39.  Why aren’t these shakes seeking to be compared to the Beachbody Meal Replacement Shake?  Because most of them cost more and instantly lose any competitive advantage.  But if they can somehow make people assume they are a cheaper alternative to Shakeology, rather than a more expensive alternative to the Beachbody Meal Replacement Shake, then they lure people to try their product.

    We are informed and intelligent.  We look at facts.  We look at ingredients.  And these other products are simply not even in the same league.  Don’t take our word for it.  Look at the labels of any one of the alternatives, and compare it to the amazing ingredients in Shakeology.  There honestly is no other product in the same league as Shakeology.  These meal replacement shakes are mass produced from synthetic materials, unlike Shakeology which is made from whole food sources.  These meal replacement shakes are made with cheap fillers, sugars, and artificial sweeteners.  Shakeology uses NONE.

    Even though Shakeology seems expensive at first, it is interesting to note that of all Beachbody supplements, Shakeology has the lowest profit margin.  The ingredients in this product ARE EXPENSIVE because they are the most amazing super-foods the world has to offer.  You get what you pay for.  Is your health worth it to you?

    Will you give up your Starbucks … or your fast food lunch … or your stop at the convenience store for a snack … to use Shakeology and transform your health?

    Our price for a 30 day supply with a 100% money back guarantee = $119.95



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