Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Best Fitness & Nutrition Plan

How to Join the Beachbody Challenge
Join a Challenge Group. Period. End of story! That is THE most successful path!
Why? Because Challenge Groups Include:
1. Healthy Eating Plan including Shakeology to replace 1 meal a day!!! (our favorite is Chocolate) (the key here is whole foods, eliminate the processed junk - Shakeology is whole food in powdered form, not a processed protein shake with mystery ingredients).
2. A Beachbody Fitness Program of your choice. These programs are perfectly designed to optimize your fat burning and muscle building. They include different workouts for different days and phases of your program and a calender of what you need to be doing each day!
3. Accountability & Encouragement from the group of like minded people.

There are no shortcuts to getting healthy and staying that way!  

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