Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Derm Exclusive: Anti-aging Miracle

Derm Exclusive is breakthrough skin care. Why? Because it delivers instant results you can see right away – results that become even more dramatic over time! This is your daily renewal regimen for a lifetime of beautiful skin.


Derm Exclusive Review by Under the Golden Apple Tree
When asked to review a 30 day trial of Derm Exclusive I was more than happy to say "yes".  I will admit I had not heard of Derm Exclusive at the time but I was running out of my skin care stuff and I figured it couldn't do any harm right?  If nothing else I'd get 30 days worth of skin care.  I didn't expect results as I just assume all companies will say anything to sell their product.  So without expectations I dove right into my skin care package.  At first, it looked like quite a few steps so I was worried it take too long.  I don't have a lot of time with four kids running around.

So what was my verdict? 

I'm not sure if I should be angry or grateful.  You see, now I am hooked. By day 3, I was ready to write my review.  However, the deal was that I use the product for 30 days.  Yet by day 3, my skin was already looking better.   Now, I am not saying "better" like "face lift" better.  My skin was softer, smoother, more even in color, and I saw my forehead expression lines soften.

Stop...let's take a moment to talk forehead expression lines...

I wish you all knew how much I hate to talk about my forehead expression lines.  For the past few years those lines have been bugging me.  My kid once pressed Play Doh on my forehead and ever so slight imprints were in the Play Doh.  What, you never made Play Doh molds of your face?  Anyway, I would use other products and notice the lines soften but return as the day wore on.  However, with Derm Exclusive, they simply softened.  I would look in the mirror and not even want to cry or simulate the good ole days by pulling back my hair line to reveal a clean looking forehead.  Can you say obsessed?  I will admit, I had a problem. I HAD a problem.  Play Doh test reveals the lines has diminished and are no longer the focal point of my face.

Now back to the show...

Let's talk about the products I tested. 
  •  am/pm Facial Cleanser:  Love it!  It's creamy, non drying, and smells great.  I think the site mentions it is full of nutrients and has the ability to wash make up and dirt away.  It does wash away your make up entirely without drying your skin.  
  • Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30:  A little of this moisturizer goes a long way.  That makes it a great value.  It's creamy but not oily.  It is thick but it is quickly absorbed by the skin.  Unless you are like me and use too much and your face is practically white with cream.  
  • Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15:  LOVE it!  In fact, I love it so much I think my neighbors could hear the agonizing groan I emitted when I ran out.  It was by far the best lip therapy or lip balm (it's not lip balm) that I have used.  Those dry lines in your lips?  Gone.  Dry lips.  Gone.  
  • Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads:   These pads are designed to shrink pores and exfoliate dead skin.  You do not use this product daily.  This step only takes seconds.  If you are concerned with the size of your pores than this will benefit you.  
  • Intensive Repair Serum:  This is the product responsible for evening out the skin and treating dark spots.  It is supposed to simulate laser treatments.  It's a light serum and again only seconds to apply.
  • Collagen Lift:  This is the product that is responsible for conquering wrinkles by boosting collagen production.  Since I did see results in the fine lines on my face and the horribly deep crevasse lines of my forehead, I am giving this product a big kiss.  
  • Fill and Freeze Wrinkle Treatment:  LOVE LOVE it!  My favorite product.  This product is supposed to simulate Botox.  You twist the tube and lightly brush it on problem areas such as the crevasse lines in your forehead, crow's feet, laugh lines, etc.  It was a dark day when I ran out of this product. Similar to that dark day in history when Wham disbanded.  I twisted and twisted until I could twist no more and nothing came out.  I considered getting an ax and breaking the tube for just one last drop.  I really cannot even speak of this product right now...the painful memories still exist.   

I know what you are thinking...you are thinking "Am I truly expected to put all that on my face twice a day?"  Are you worried that by the time you finish your AM routine it will already be time for your PM routine?  I have commitment issues and poor time management skills so I was worried about this.  Normally, I am a three step skin care system gal.  Sometimes, not even that...I often skip step 3.  However, the Derm Exclusive routine did not take any longer than a 3 (or 2) step system.   It also showed more results than any other skin care system I have used in the past.  I've used quite a bit over the years selling different make-up lines and having an obsession with preventing crow's feet since I was 25.  Too bad, I didn't think about my forehead then...I don't have crow's feet.

In all seriousness, true beauty comes from the inside out.  Vain endeavors will always fail if your mind is set against yourself.  However, it is not vanity to want to look your best and take steps to maintain a healthy look.  To me, it makes no sense to allow your physical appearance to be sacrificed in name of not being vain.  That's the same excessive behavior on the opposite side of the spectrum. Derm Exclusive is a tool to help you look and feel good about your appearance in a healthy way.  It does not take a lot of time and it does show results.  I use it in the morning, put on my make up and forget about it.  I enjoy the little bit of pampering at night to relax and do something for myself after a long day of chasing a toddler, dealing with the rolling eyes of a teenager, hearing "I forgot" from a crazy boy and pleas for attention from a princess.

So this product gets 5 golden apples

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