Monday, March 25, 2013

Focus T25 Results With Shaun T

Introducing FOCUS T25™
By: Carl Daikeler

When does Focus T25 come out

"At Beachbody, we’re always looking to improve everything we do. To that end, we’ve spent the past 18 months creating a program that brings maximum results in minimal time.
What?!? Why  spend all that time and resources to create shorter workouts? That’s easy. Because nobody really likes long workouts–including me. I mean, who really has time to spend an hour and a half every day in the gym? So if you could get the same or better results at home with a daily workout that only took 25 minutes, isn’t that the workout you would want to do? And wouldn’t you be willing to do it more often. I know I would.
Where can I get Focus T25 by Shaun T

That’s the idea that became FOCUS T25. And to make it work, I turned to one of the toughest trainers I know–Shaun T. You know him as the creator of INSANITY®, the #1 home workout in the country today. To create FOCUS T25, Shaun used every trick in his trainer’s book to develop super efficient workouts that deliver an hour’s worth of results from just 25 minutes of training.
In the weeks ahead, you’ll be hearing a lot more about FOCUS T25 and why it works–from me and Shaun, as well as the people who’ve already gotten results from T25… results that have been absolutely blowing us away."  Carl Daikeler


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