Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Tiny Changes for Big Weight Loss

Take baby steps toward eating more healthfully. If you "slip," get immediately back on track. Never let a vacation or a special holiday be an excuse to overdo it the entire time. Go ahead, enjoy the occasional indulgence, but keep it reasonable. Here are 10 tiny changes you can make for big weight loss.
  1. Wait 2 minutes. Cravings will disappear after two minutes if you walk away and turn your attention elsewhere.
  2. W.I.W.M. When you really crave something unhealthy, answer this question: "What do I Want More," that piece of chocolate cake, or a body I feel proud of? And on rare occasions, it's okay to pick the chocolate cake!
  3. No one's perfect. Don't allow one bad choice to result in bingeing the rest of the day, or falling back into old habits.
  4. Focus. Make eating purposeful, not something mindless to do while watching TV, driving, or sitting in front of the computer. Whenever you put food in your mouth, try to engage all of the senses in the pleasure of nourishing your body.
  5. Don't skip breakfast. Start eating a filling breakfast, but one that's lower in fat. It will help you eat fewer total calories throughout the day.
  6. Veggies. The majority of your plate should have veggies and/or fruit on it at both lunch and dinner.
  7. See what you eat. Eat your food from a plate instead of straight out of a jar, bag, or box.
  8. Don't buy it. Stop buying the food you snack on all day. Just eliminate the temptation.
  9. Eat more fruit. A person who gets enough fruit in their diet doesn't have a raging sweet tooth.
  10. Watch what you drink. Cut back on or cut out high-calorie drinks like soda, sweet tea, lemonade, and, especially, alcohol. People have lost weight by making just this one change.


    1. THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR EVERYONE!! I've been doing these things for a few years now and have only lost about 2 lbs... But at least I'm healthier.

    2. uhm, yes it does work? maybe 7 needs to be renamed "portion control." just because you block out all the bad and unhealthy things you're eating out of your memory doesn't mean it doesn't exist. your "food journal" may not be an accurate log but your body is exact.

      i have followed some of those steps and lost 40 pounds in the last year.

    3. Ugh there must be something wrong with me. I run every day. I always eat healthy and I don't eat a lot and I am still fat.

    4. Eat every 3 hours, it is key to regulating your metabolism. Drink lots of water, I drink about 1/2 - 1 gallon of water per day. Build lean muscle by lifting weights. Muscle burns fat even at a resting heart rate (something running can't do). Eat healthy whole foods. Eat lots of protein. Protein is muscle. Muscle burns fat. My typical day of eating consists of
      6am: 6 egg whites scrambled with fresh veggies (bell peppers and onions are my fav) and 1/2 cup oats (1 minute oats) add cinnamon and truvia and 1/4 cup blueberries.
      9am: 1 cup cottage cheese, sweetened with truvia and cinnamon. 1 piece organic Ezekiel bread with a thin layer of organic peanut butter.
      12pm: 1 cup chicken breast, fresh steamed vegetables, 1 piece of organic ezekiel bread.
      3pm: 1 cup cottage cheese, sweetened with truvia and cinnamon. 1/2 cup oats with cinnamon and truvia.
      6pm: 6 ounces tilapia, fresh vegetables. No
      9pm: 1 cup fat free sugar free Greek yogurt with cinnamon and truvia.

      Be on time with your meals. It is KEY to speeding up your metabolism. Your body is expecting that meal in a couple hours so it's working hard to burn off what you just ate. Eat healthy. It's really really important!! Try this with weight training and I guarantee you will love the results!! I love my results!!! My parents are doing this now and my dad has lost 35 pounds in 1 month. My mom has lost 15 pounds in 1 month. I have lost 25 pounds since I started in August. It truly works. Best of luck!!

    5. ... And by the way, I am a female 28 years old. I have 2 children ages 5 and 4. I go to the gym and do weight training daily. (I used to run every single day a few miles a day but my body wasn't changing). I love weight training now and can easily say I'm addicted!! I love my new body!! Thanks to Jamie Easons 12 week live fit trainer on
      Check it out!!! You will be so glad you did!!!!!!!