Friday, September 9, 2011

Whats Nate Eating 9-9-11

Montreal seasoned Chicken Breast with Fresh Pesto Panini sandwich.

Per Sandwhich :
2 oz. chicken breast pan cooked and seasoned with Montreal Chicken Seasoning.
1/2 oz. Cabot's 75% reduced fat cheddar cheese
1-2 Table spoons of Fresh Basil Pesto (Recipe in earlier post)
2 slices whole wheat Italian loaf bread.
Fat free butter spray for on the panini grill.

This meal has an amazing 30+ Grams of protein, and less than 7 Grams of fat per serving! 
Serve with salad, or steamed veggies to make a complete meal, or enjoy with fruit for a good lunch.

And for those of you who noticed on the "quick prep tips" that there were only 9 bags of chicken in the pic, and I said it made 10 meals....this is the tenth bag. ;)

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