Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting started with your Team BeachBody program.

So, you committed to get fit and toned, and you bought a Beachbody fitness program such as P90X, P90X2, LES MILLS PUMP, INSANITY, The Asylum, TurboFire, RevAbs, Slim in 6, Brazil Butt Lift, Hip Hop Abs, etc. Great job! We applaud you.

Now, how would you like to double your ability to stay motivated and succeed?

Studies have shown that people who use online support tools like the kind on get two times better results with their fitness program.

Sounds good, right? So, you're probably wondering what steps to take to get started? Here's what you need to do: Before anything, Make me your coach here!

1. Take your "before" photos. Need instructions on how to take your photos? Watch this video which will show you exactly what to do.  

2. Step on a scale, and get your "starting weight." Be sure to record your "starting weight" in your online profile's progress and goals section, along with your goal weight. You need to know what your goal is in order to reach it! Also, it's very important take and record your starting measurements. Many of our programs cause people to lose inches all over their bodies, and sometimes inches lost can be a better way to chart your progress than pounds lost. There should be a tape measure that came in the box with your Beachbody program. And here is a video with easy instructions on how -- and where exactly -- to measure yourselfl].

Record your body measurements in your online profile's Progress & Goals section.   After 1 month of working out, you will want to take your measurements again, and record the progress in this section as well.

3. Take the "fit test" that came with your program (tip: you can find P90X and INSANITY fit tests here, OR take the general Team Beachbody Fit Test. You can record your performance on the TeamBeachbody fit test at the bottom of your progress and goals page.

4. If you haven't done so already, upload a profile photo of yourself  so that others can see what you look like. While you're at it, why not also upload your "before" photos. If you're not happy with what you see up there, it could help give you added motivation to do your workouts!

5. Fill out your bio section in your profile  , so that other members will know something about you and your fitness journey.

6. Decide which day you will start your program (the challenge will start Jan 9th), and which time you will be doing your workouts, and then put the entire 60-day or 90-day workout schedule onto your SuperGym calendar. We call this setting up an "auto-schedule" - click here to find out how to do it. Taking a vacation in the middle of your 90-day program? Here's info on how you can plan ahead and add that vacation or holiday gap in your auto-schedule now. Then, visit the SuperGym daily to see who's in the gym and to start your workouts.

7. When viewing other members' profiles, you can always click "Add as a buddy" to designate some people from your Workout Groups as your online workout buddies. It's helpful to have online friends who you can send messages to when you have questions or you're tempted to skip your workout. They'll offer you advice and encouragement to stick with your program. You can also find and add online buddies from the over 200,000 people in the Member Gallery. Maybe some people have already requested you as their buddy? Go here to review and approve (or ignore) requests from workout buddies.

8. Start writing - and tracking your progress on your fitness journey - in your own TeamBeachbody blog. Writing in your blog is a great way to celebrate your accomplishments as well as work through (and get advice on) your challenges.

9. Wondering how to calculate your body fat and or your healthy weight or daily caloric needs? Check out our helpful tools.

10. Need additional tips on what to eat each day? Check out TeamBeachbody's Online Meal Planner, which should be helpful to keep your eating on track.

I hope this is helpful advice for you. Good luck on your personal health and fitness journey! It's going to be worth it. I've used all these tools myself, and I've lost (and kept off) 69 pounds by doing P90X, Insanity and RevAbs.   So, these programs (and the online tools on TeamBeachbody) DO work!

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