Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nate's Corner

Best P90X resultsNate's Best Advice of How to Get Healthy, Fit, & Ripped!
Period. End of story! This is THE most successful path!
Why? Because...

What I am about to share with you is something that up until now I have only shared with one person.  I have widely shared my physical transformation in hopes that I may be able to inspire or encourage at least one person to push past the voice in their head that says 'you won't succeed' or 'you can't change'.  However, I have been guarded about the rest of my transformation, until recently.  It has weighed heavily on my heart the last couple of weeks. I know that there are others in the midst of similar struggles and trials as what I have gone through, thinking there is no point in trying and no hope for a better situation.  I need to tell those people that THERE IS!  So here is my story. Read More...

Best P90X Results
Lost 69 lbs. and 8 pants sizes.

I am blown away by the results that I got from P90X! 
I went from 253 lbs. and lazy, to 184 lbs., ripped and energetic. 

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