Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Physical Transformation

Best P90X Results
Nate Evans
Lost 69 lbs. and 8 pants sizes.
I am blown away by the results that I got from P90X! 
I went from 253 lbs. and lazy, to 184 lbs., ripped and energetic.  

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body? I went from 18 years old, 180 lbs and in shape to 30 years old, 253 lbs and fat and tired. I was working at a desk job, got married, had kids, and just plain got lazy. That led to a knee injury and surgery, along with what I considered good excusses for not "pushing" myself. I had terrible self esteem. At the time I was living outside of Myrtle Beach, SC, about a 5 min walk from the beach. I spent my last two "fat summers" without even taking my shirt off, because I was that embarassed about what I had become.
What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey? I have two young boys. They would come up and lay their heads on my stomach and say, "I love the big daddy pillow". I wanted to be a good role model for them, and knew that I wasn't, and if things didn't change, I probably wouldn't be there for them when they were older. I knew the choice that was right, and committed myself to do the hard work so I could succeed. For them and for me.
Why did you choose the particular program? I had heard alot about P90X from the many hours of sitting on my butt on the couch, and watching the infomercials on sundays. I am a person of extrems, and P90X was definatly that for me right then.
What in particular did you like about the program you chose? The best thing about P90X was that all I had to do was what they told me to! The meal plan was a great help in directing me and helping me create a healthy eating plan that I knew I would be able to stick to for life, and not just a "fad" diet.
Tell us about the greatest challenge you faced. How did you overcome that challenge? My biggest challenge and fear was that my knee would prevent me from getting good results, or even finishing the workout. I had used that as an excuse for so long, I didn't really know what it could handle. So I just did what Tony said, and went at a pace that I could so that I could continue the workouts. As my body got stronger, the pain and fear diminshed.
Best P90X ResultsDescribe the results you achieved with your Beachbody® program. What achievements are you proud of? I am blown away by the results that I got from P90X!! I went from 253 lbs and lazy, to 184 lbs, ripped and energetic. I am proud of the weight loss, but take more pride in knowing that by being committed to the choice to get healthy, I am being a great role model for my boys. A couple weeks ago I was at my grandfathers funeral with family that I had not seen in a couple years. When I walked into the church, my Dad was in the lobby, he turned and looked when I walked in, and just turned back around and started walking away. I said "Hey Dad! You can't even say hi?" He turned around and looked again with a suprised look and said that he hadn't even recognized me! Thats when I realized how much of a transformation I had gone through. 

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  1. WOW, that's awesome! I have P90X at home that my husband and I were going to start over a year ago....we never did. I also have a bowfles that's been used maybe 10 sad is that? I found your blog thru Pinterest and the message that you left of the picture of yours that I pinned...ab envy... :O) My husband wants to loose weight and I just want to tone up. I dont need to loose. We just can't seem to get motivated though. what tips do you have for getting started?

  2. Hey Michelle (and husband)! Thanks for contacting me. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions, and help you guys out any way I can. One thing I need you to do first though, is to go ahead and make me your Coach, it helps me keep track of everything better, and also gives you access to some great info to help you track your goals too! Here is the link (its free). If you could each set up an account, then we can figure out the best way to get started and get you to the abs that you envy. :)

  3. What great results. I too have the program and frankly am intimidated to try it. I guess I need to just jump in. One question, did you change your diet from the start? I eat pretty healthy, and am still working on incorporating more good things into my diet, but was just curious how your journey started.

    1. Hey Trina! Don't be intimidated at all! There are tons of women who use P90X and get great results! Just remember, you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. And Tony is a great trainer, and he always says, do your best, and forget the rest. Just keep moving and pressing play every day! I ate terrible before I started my transformation, so my eating changed a lot. No more fast food, which was a big thing for me. I eat lean meats and lots of salads and steamed veggies. The thing that really made the difference for me though was when I started using Shakeology to replace my lunch every day. It has helped a ton in getting rid of the cravings and things that I had. And I have also just about eliminated caffeine from my diet because of the great energy I get from it throughout the day. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be glad to help you out! If you click the Join Our Team button on here, you can set Nicole or I up as your coach and we can get a plan put together for you!