Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time saving tips for healthy eating

We are all busy, and that is part of the reason that obesity is a huge problem in America.  But there are some simple steps you can take to make healthy cooking, be quick cooking! 

One thing you can do to save time is buy your meats in bulk, and take one evening at the beginning of the month and portion out serving sizes, and add seasonings. 

Lets take chicken for example.  I generally get 6 lbs of fresh chicken at Sam's Club.  Then trim all the chicken at one time.  Basically because raw chicken is nasty, and I don't want to touch it more than once a month. 

I cut them into strips, and weigh out 8 oz. at a time.  (two serving sizes). 

Add seasoning to each bag and place in the fridge overnight to marinate in the flavor.  Then just put them in the freezer.  They are ready to pull out and cook quick!

For seasonings, I did two meals with Italian bread crumbs, two with Montreal chicken seasoning, two with honey BBQ rub, and three with Fresh Basil and almond Pesto. (I will post the recipe for that tomorrow!)

So there was the prep for 10 meals!  In about 45 mins.  I do the same with ground turkey for burgers, season, make patties, and freeze in meal size servings.  So its all just grab and go.

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