Friday, February 17, 2012

Nicole's Corner

Nicole's Best Advice of How to Get Healthy & Fit

Period. End of story! This is THE most successful path!
Why? Because...





Nicole's Story

A funny thing happened to me around the age of 23.  My weight started creeping up and I actually had to work at it to keep it down!  I had always been conscious of the amount of fat in certain foods and my parents had taught me to eat whole wheat bread and not to eat junk food, but I had never really learned to eat vegetables or how to cook clean, healthy foods.  It was way more about how certain foods would affect the scale for me than about having a healthy body.  Read more...






The Numbers Don't Lie

These are my results after 6 months on the Beachbody system.
Beachbody Workout (RevAbs right now), Shakeology, and a Healthy Eating Plan.  I have been replacing one meal a day with Shakeology and eating more vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains. I plan ahead and cook every meal. I eat delicious food and do not go hungry!!
I have lost ...yay for feeling great!... yay for a healthy heart! ... yay for more energy and overall good health! See the numbers and the proof!






Nicole's Shakeology Review! 

Nicole E., Energy, Cholesterol, Overall Healthy, Convenience
29 years old, Greenville, North Carolina
I started drinking the chocolate Shakeology 7 months ago and can’t ever imagine stopping! At first I was skeptical, to say the least, but there were enough people that felt strong enough about it that I decided to trust their opinions and go for it. So...Read More...






Nicole's Bookshelf

Okay…so I like to read! I wish I could say I had plenty of time each day to read and that I had finished all of these books and am living the life they describe (other than the novels), but that is not true. I do take time each day to read, but there is always an unfinished book lying around. There are a few that are on my shelf waiting in line and a few on my nightstand in mid read and a few that I keep out for referencing from time to time and a few that I have finished and put away but don’t want to part with. There is also about a billion that I own that didn’t quite make this list. There is a bit of everything here, but hopefully you can get an idea of some good books and some insight into who I am and where my heart is. Read More...


What Living Healthy Has Taught Our Children

Throughout the years I have always wanted our children to eat fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I mean, what mother doesn’t?  The fruits were always easy, but the veggies and meats, well that has been a different story.  I didn’t understand it! I would buy them meats and veggies and consistently serve it to them and they would flat out refuse and just not eat.  It was really not until today that I looked back and thought it is working! Things have changed.  As I sit back and reflect on the last month alone, my four year old, picky pants, battle of wills, sweet as sugar, but STRONG tempered little boy has eaten veggies with EVERY meal! Not just something smothered in cheese or mushed up in something else in a disguise of its real nature, but steamed fresh broccoli, steamed corn, lettuce, spinach, steamed green beans!  He really likes them! Today for lunch, he requested broccoli!!!  Oh and it’s not just the veggies!  The meats too! Read more...

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