Saturday, January 19, 2013

Want to ROCK Your Cheekies?

Let's face it, whether we are wives, girlfriends, or on the dating scene, we all want to rock our cheekies or boy shorts.

Cosmopolitan Magazine tells us that "The Thong is Dead!"  Not that any of us probably loved the thong, but one thing I loved was no panty lines!  Now we have these incredibly sexy panties that are all the rage.  They really are so sexy and have that seem running down the middle of the butt that accentuates the curvature of any your booty.  However, if you have recently tried on your Cheekies or your Boy Shorts you also know that there is a seem running across your booty, so as to expose that oh so sexy bottom half of your cheeks. And if your cheeks happen to be...not as firm or perky as you would like...then what happens? da da now have 4 cheeks (an upper and lower bulge on each side!)  NO!!! How did that happen?  We went from incredibly desirable and sexy panties to a 4 cheeked, saggy butt, panty line showing mess!  How disappointing?! Not good!

I do not have perfect cheeks and am still working everyday to have my booty looking hot in my Cheekies!  We are women and we are busy, whether we work outside the house or are stay home moms. And as  women, it is our responsibility to stay sexually attractive, especially if we are married!

According to a recent article in Cosmo, "boy shorts enhance your bootyliciousness by exposing the very bottoms of your cheeks. 'For a man, seeing that part of the buttocks is a great turn-on,' says Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain. 'His mind wants to fill in the rest of the picture.'"

So, I would encourage you to go get some cheekies or boy shorts! And then get your butt in shape!!

If you do need help getting your butt looking good, I would highly recommend you train like the supermodels with Brazil Butt Lift!  I bought the program about a year ago and it has been great!!!  This guy knows what he is doing!  I discovered muscles in my booty that I never knew existed. In just a few days I already noticed a difference! Several of the workouts are only 30 minutes too, which is awesome if you are crunched for time to workout, like me. And, it comes with a secret weapon workout that is only 20 minutes and it is nothing short of a secret weapon!  You can read up on it or order it here.

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